Lakeside Remedial Massage & Myotherapy provides a wide range of massage therapies including Remedial massage, Myotherapy, Relaxation massage & Sports massage.

I’m an accredited Myotherapist, using many techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Joint Mobilisation, Dry Needling, Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), exercise recommendations, and many more.
I differentiate myself by providing Orthopaedic assessment, diagnosis and specialised treatments to patients looking to rehabilitate after sports injuries and post-surgery, or for those who are suffering from chronic or acute musculoskeletal pain conditions.
I’m pleased to let you know that I’ve had a high success rate in pain relief for clients with non-specific neck & back pain, tendinosis (also known as tendonitis), and a range of other ailments.
I’m also committed to the ongoing education & research for new ideas and treatments to offer my clients.

During your first consultation, I take the time to discuss your health concerns and have you complete a health questionnaire to ascertain your exact concerns. I’ll then discuss your health goals and explain how I can help you. This provides me with a baseline for your tailored individual treatment, all based on your needs, goals and specific conditions.
By using a variety of professional techniques, I aim to relieve the pain and discomfort of your muscular problems.
I can help treat the pain symptoms of muscle strain, shoulder and upper thoracic stiffness, sciatica, lower back pain, tension headaches, provide relaxation techniques to combat stress, and much more.
You should feel free to ask questions and discuss the recommended treatment plan.
The clinic is open Tuesday to Saturday, by appointment only. I look forward to being able to assist you.

Ros Lannoy
Adv. Dip. Of Myotherapy